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Twister Troll

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The Twister Troll or 'Twisty Troll' is a mysterious little creature suggested to be about eight inches high, who lives in the deepest, darkest recesses of a squaddies pit space or room.

There are as yet, no confirmed sightings of one, however the height assumption comes from the locations and spaces these little bastards seem to be able to creep into.

Their diet consists purely of trouser twisters.

The most common occurence of a Twisty Troll is when you leave a complete, matching pair of twisters on a table, or in a locker, and when you return several minutes, hours or days later, either one or both of the twisters are missing.

This phenomenon is common amongst all military users of the trouser twister, and has caused many hours of painstaking searches of cupboards, drawers, under beds, in bags, without ever revealing the nesting location of the Troll.

As stated, the Twisty Troll lives on a diet of twisters, however it has a unique and amazing digestive system, whereby when they excrete, they manage to completely recreate the twister, often in a totally different location to where you left it.

The only way to fend off the Twisty Troll is to use the laces on the bottom of CS95 trousers, however this is recognised as being incredibly chippy, and thus to be avoided at all costs.