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Something, or someone from Turkey.

Some notable examples of things Turkish are:

1. Turkish delight: an extremely sweet jelly like substance often coated in icing sugar or even chocolate.

2. Turkish bath: Steam bath where you get scrubbed by fat sweaty men. I can't really see the attraction there, but each to his own I suppose.

3. The practice of spraying deodorant under your arms instead of actually washing.

4. A sort of prison so frightening that even MDN doesn't want his hoop stretched here.

5. Sort of wrestling where the combatants cover themselves in olive oil till they are so lubricated they could pass through British Airport security then grope each other for an hour in a sweatly embrace. Makes WWF wrestling look like a serious sport.

6. Only government in the Muslim world NOT trying to kill us all. Admittedly they have a stiffy for shoeing Kurds but ... WTF, as long as its not us!

7. Turkish tobacco, mild, aromatic tobacco, often used in waterpipes, and certain brands of cigarette.