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Tropper, yesterday, in a pub with his laptop on the Big Screen...

Who is He?

Soldier, writer, patron of all things known to man, messiah, god, inventor and poster on ARRSE. In short tropper66 = the total sum of all. It was a dark cold night when user tropper66, in between getting shot at, opened an ARRSE account to enlighten all of mankind with his infinite wisdom and tons of life experience. Imagine a situation, an item or possibility and be sure tropper66 created it for you, hence the reason you are able to imagine it at all in the first place. He has been everywhere and done everything, after inventing it first. There is no way tropper can be topped. He's currently known as jim24.


He has an opinion on everything, which he believes is the only right one, and doesn't spare anyone spouting it on every single thread. He also knows every single person in the world. This is very convenient as he can let us all know what's going on. Normal people don't have access to or don't know how to use google, apparently.

He's partly known for attempting to fire up outrage buses, but often fails at this spectacularly. Instead of accepting the failure, he will insist he did it on someone else's request. Usually a family member, Michael Yon or some of his internet spies. In short, nobody should blame him, he's simply the messenger. It's often about incidents that 1) everybody who's able to operate google could have known or 2) nobody had heard about it (and shouldn't) but he's more than willing to bring it to everyone's attention.

In his manner of defence tropper66 reminds us in some ways of a former ARRSE user by the name of Bugsy. When challenged, don't comment on what is argued, but attack the person instead. Tropper's popular line is "I'm your elder and better". Though nobody on here would argue about the first, the latter is slightly doubted. To show everybody he doesn't care he makes sure everybody knows that. It usually involves tropper in a pub with his laptop attached to a big screen and everybody laughing at how he's baiting the good people on ARRSE and how he doesn't give a fuck. In fact, he started the discussion in the first place to share it with his "mates" and have a good laugh. Apparently that's how pensioners spend their time. Getting all technical with gadgets whilst getting blattered.

I just wish on that cold dark night on a Belfast street, that the shooter hadn't been so pissed he couldn't do the job properly. Fucking bogwogs.

Famous threads (Michael Yon asks tropper to post on ARRSE about an attack) (Nobody in the world knew. Until he started a thread) (The original "On a cold winters night inBelfast" thread)

In short

When tropper adds to the thread you know: