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Trooping of the Colour

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Nobody move, I've dropped a contact lens!

The pageantry, colour and spectacle that makes this country a draw for tourists during the summer months is held on the Queen's Official Birthday in June.

The trooping of the colour is a tradition dating back to the 17th century where the Colours of a Regiment were used as a rallying point in battle when it turned into a Cake_and_Arse_Party. It was therefore pretty damn important that the average squaddie could recognize his own standard. The Standard was therefore shown to them every day (the 17th century squaddie being pretty thick) to make sure that every man jack of them could recognise the thing. There being nothing more embarrassing than rallying to the enemies standard!

The trooping of the Regents colours is carried out by The Queens personal troops, the Household Division (when not polishing, turning tricks or fighting in the hostelries of fair London town) on Horse Guards Parade in London, with the Queen taking the salute.