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Troop Commander

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The Troop Commander or 'Troopie' is an officer and originator of the following ranks/abbreviations:

2LT - Too Lost Troopie LT - Lost Troopie CPT - Cnut Prize Troopie (a rare sight as they've usually been listed as missing in action)

Evidenced examples of lost Troopies:

Canada - calling Sunray and requesting flares to be sent up, as he had less chance of finding a squadron in the wilderness than Hansel and Gretel.

Canada - placing a minefield behind defensive positions - which way were those claymores facing again?

UK - mistaking a firing range for daddies hunting fields, and walking across it during live firing despite whistle and crack of 7.62mm rounds all around him.

Troopies have been known to to transfer to the AGC after repeated incidents...bless 'em