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No. 1 The Larch

Trees are a bit like bushes but bigger.

Except from the Royal Marine Commando Tactical Guide to Trees:

Made of wood (what was used to make things before plastic), trees are part of a military collective noun called terrain.

Trees often grow together in large 'tree cities' called forests. These tree cities do not often have pubs. Forests are ideal places to hide, in fact camouflage clothing is actually designed to help you blend into the background in forests. Hiding vehicles, tents, etc. in forests can be made easier by using cam nets.

Trees can give some protection against artillery fire ... till all the trees have been expended.

Please note:

  • You can set fire to a tree.
  • You can climb up it.
  • You cannot eat it.
  • You cannot challenge it to a fight.
  • You are not required to challenge it while Stagging on.
  • You cannot bezzer it ... unless you want to be taken away by men in white uniforms.
  • You cannot shag it (unless you are seriously nails).

The tree is not your friend but neither is it the enemy - do not shoot trees on sight!

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