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Training Realism

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When on exercise inhabiting a make-believe world that you really are at war to maximise the value and make it all worthwhile. To preserve this fiction and inject realism into the exercise all sorts of things can be injected to make it more "authentic". Now this is closely related to character building in that these exercise elements are never good. For example these are all "real"

  • The resupply convoy's been hit, no scoff for 24hrs.
  • Enemy expected imminently, ammo scale doubled.
  • Tank action expected, two LAWs (see Drill LAW) per section to be carried.

The following things never happen as they are not "real":

  • The colour man knocked off the Italian CO's grot cache and he's delivered the lot to our location.
  • We were going to tab there but LOOK! Choppers!
  • Enemy all surrendered so End-Ex and the weekend is your own.

Which is a shame really.