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A brand of woman who is met in the street and you think you can chat up and score with. In reality, she is out of your league and you havn't got a hope in hell!

Disturbingly your failure to score with hot totty is increasingly like to be related to the fact that the object of your desires cant understand a bleeding word you are saying. The proportion of hot eastern european babes littering our shores is getting outrageous. This in itself isnt a problem but the thick crumpet haven't bothered to learn english first. How the hell is your witty, intelligent, cool as fuck Brit going to kop off with hot eastern euro-babe when all the English she knows is 'Can you direct me to the water closet'.

Note: After recent revelations about Jade Goody and her poor ingish n that, it has to be said that many foreign bits of stuff have a better standard of English than the English. This doesn't improve your chances with English-speaking totty though ... they still cant understand you!

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