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Top Trump

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New versions are still evolving...

Game of the heterosexual predator.

A game played with a deck of playing cards (kind of) with pictures of planes, trains, cars, dragsters, Tupperware dishes, fish, kettles... you name it. Top Trumps cashed in on the male need to compete, out-do and mock an adversary.

Frankly, if it wasn't for Association Football Top Trumps would the UK's national sport.

Oh so Ally

The game was directly responsible for peace in the Falklands... Maj Chris Keeble, unable to speak Spanish and the head Dago, unable to speak English, met in Port Stanley. They shook hands and swapped pictures of loved ones at home then realised they couldn't communicate. Keeble turned to the flat-nosed Para Regt CSM and asked him if he knew any Spanish, to which he replied 'Aye Sir, I can say "four fcuken beers spic." The universally known and respected Top Trumps (Military Aircraft Edition) was offered up by a quick thinking Army Air Corps Scout crewman, once again saving the day.

Unbeknown to anyone, Keeble was the Kettering and District Trumps Timelord (very high up in trumping circles) and his poker-like face didn't give away the fact that in the deal he'd been given the SR-71 and the C-5 Galaxy, a winning combination of speed and wingspan that, played cunningly, would have the Argies swimming back to Buenos Aries.

It was best of three, but Keeble nailed his wop-ness 2-0 and suggested that he and his troops depart the Malvinas or Top Trump Artillery pieces would severely ruin their whole day.

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