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Top Gun

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Not Tom Cruise/Kelly McGillis

1986 seminal movie about a US naval aviator named 'Maverick' (Tom Cruise) and how he gets off with his instructor, gays it up with his mates and in general swans around breaking rules like the arrogant little shit he is.

The plot of the movie sucked but fuck me - if the F-14 Tomcat wasn't gorgeous... even if it needed 18 hours maintenance for 1 hour's flight time!

Many people joined the US Navy on the basis of this movie (A common motive for Spams), only to regret it when they found out that for every annoying little tit who gets to play with big boy toys AND get paid for it... there are 10,000 saps who get paid F-all and have to do laundry all day!

IMDB entry here

The movie also spawned an entire generation of airshow walts who mince about in Flying Suits and tinted aviator shades in the vain attempt to get laid at the hangar party - and invariably fail when it transpires that they're not Bloodhound Navigators but rather MT drivers who have a mate in Survival Equipment.

Drinking Games

Still it's excellent way to get drunk. Simply drink any time something stupid/unrealistic happens and you'll be pissed in no time at all.

In the real world

Officially the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, It was established with the aid of the Royal Navy FAA to hone the dogfighting skills of USN F-4 pilots who kept getting downed by the North Vietnamese.



There are rumours circulating of a Top Gun II in development with the mental midget Cruise as the instructor and a precocious female hotshot pilot. Dont know about you but the F18 just isnt going to cut it for me in the flying scenes!