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Tony Hart

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Tony Hart ... right before he was airbummed on air by Morph

Norman Antony Hart (1925 – 2009), better known as Tony Hart, a gentleman and gentle man who brought art to the masses via TV programmes such as Vision On and Take Hart.

A former officer of the British Indian Army he served with the 1st Gurkha Rifles from 1944 to 1947, when he was demobbed [1]. On the outbreak of the Korean War he was re-commissioned into the TA and attached to the Royal Artillery from November 1948 to July 1950 [2].

Despite his usually impeccable manners and serene composure even the former Lt Hart retained his soldiering instincts. Asked much later in life whether or not he could take Rolf Harris in a fight he replied “Well; as Rolph [sic] never stops talking I might just do it… I used to be quite handy in my youth”. [3] An all-round good egg if ever there was one.