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The Wild Geese

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It's all there - the 1970s in its finery: British Rail, Concorde, an Immigration Service that gave a toss, dodgy meetings in hotel rooms in Earl's Court, a London without the Congestion Charge, huge lapels and oodles of beige. Bloody marvellous.

When one considers that this film stars both Richards Burton and Harris, it's a miracle that they stayed sober long enough to film it! In essence a saucy ol' thigh-slapping mince up in the African bush, the movie is memorable for one thing and one thing only: the mass HALO drop from a Hercules. This was the first time that such an insertion technique became widely known - and done so twenty years before pub Walts would regale anyone who would care to listen about the minutiæ of free fall parachuting. Corking stuff. Get it on DVD now... or immediately!

Memorable scenes:

  • Baddies are outside a hotel room door. Richard Harris pulls the pin on a grenade, punches THROUGH the door then drops the grenade. Same bang as opening the door two inches but just Fuck Off style. Spam SWAT teams eat your door-opening techniques heart out!

Wild Geese II

1985 sequel. 'They're back!' read the tagline - except they weren't really. A classic example of kicking the arse out of something, and an attempt to make a few bucks off the back of the original. Despite having international assassin Edward 'The Jackal' Fox shipped in for extra effect - but to no avail - the movie bombed.


Codename Wild Geese

Sometimes people can't take a hint and keep battering away with unimaginative sequels. Not only was this a disastrous production, it also resembled a disaster movie - with Lee van Cleef and Ernest Borgnine in the lead roles. Let's face it, anything with Borgnine in it is going to be total trousers. They might as well have gone for broke and had Leslie Nielsen and George Kennedy in it as well. Even the great man himself (Lewis Collins) failed to make this turkey airborne.