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The West

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Generic term used to describe the civilised nations of the Earth - depending, of course how one defines 'civilisation'. After all, Nottingham is in the UK - a 'civilised' Western country. You would be hard pressed, however, to find any relation to the dictionary entry and a bimble through the town centre on a Friday night. There are pygmies in the rain forests that are significantly more 'civilised' than those who inhabit large tracts of Europe and the Americas, but because they have no electricity and cannot programme a video recorder, they are regarded as nothing but primitive mongs.

'The West' is shortly to disappear up its own arrse, as it is slowly (and not even that slowly in some places) being consumed by 'The East' - and all that goes with it: Sharia Law, Ethnic Cleansing et al. Some saw it coming, but thay were denounced as being racist bigots by the politically correct Lefties who infect the corridors of power. Guess who'll have the last laugh? Clue: the big beardy fucker with the Rambo knife as he whips your swede off live on Al Jazeera.