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The TA Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

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An interesting breed with many competent soldiers among its ranks. The officers vary considerably in terms of both quality and quantity. When attached to other units REME sub-units tend to be outstandingly good drinkers, lovers and comedians. REME together can be a terrible thing though and it's a fair assumption that the only thing worse than REME talking shop is the gunners.

The REME TA has the unfortunate problem that many of it's members use the phrases "I'm here to fix stuff, those thickies in the Infantry can guard me" or "I don't need to be able to shoot, if they get that close, I'll throw my spanners at them". Many members of the REME TA are fat, pie eating knackers and let down the rest, who pride themselves on being soldiers first.

This doesn't apply to Armourers who are gods in both the trade and soldiering world.

It would appear that being in a dark , poorly ventilated workshop,inhaling gun oil and phospro fumes doesn`t affect your grasp on reality. Most Armourers are recognised as pale, slightly sweaty , deviant individuals who seem to have a large, usually Dutch or German porn collection hidden in between the AESP`s on the shelf. Note,Only time the AESP`s get moved is to access the porn