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The TA Royal Artillery

The Territorial elements of the Royal Regiment exist to demonstrate that you don't have to be available daytimes Monday to Friday to drop ordnance where it's not wanted.

Lots of units, armed with everything from Light Gun to UAVs.

TA Royal Artillery Regiments

Click on unit links for ORBAT and locations:

  • 101st (Northumbrian) Regiment, Royal Artillery (Volunteers) - 101 Regt RA(V) - equipped with MLRS.
  • 103rd (Lancashire Artillery Volunteers) Regiment, Royal Artillery (Volunteers) - 103 Regt RA(V) - equipped with Light Gun.

Oh and undoubtedly the jewel in the crown - the Honourable Artillery Company currently feature in the RA ORBAT, not just because they can be relied upon to produce a Pimm's bar in the most unlikely of places, not even because they are considerably richer than everyone else in the TA put together... but most likely because someone somewhere assumed that the "Artillery" part of their title had something to do with cannons.

Specialist Units

Administered by CVHQ RA based at Woolwich are the following TA RA Specialist Units:

If you are interested in being posted to these units you should call 02087 813421 to discuss your eligibility.



Phase 2 Training

TA RA Phase 2 training is under construction.


TA RA Promotion is under contruction.