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The TA Army Air Corps (AAC) Units

The TA AAC consists of the following units:

  • 6 Regiment AAC(V) based at Bury St. Edmonds. For more information about TA Groundcrew careers in 6 Regt AAC(V) call into the TA centre at Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, or call 01284 753407. The Regiment currently has two Squadrons, 655 Squadron located at the Army Aviation Centre (AACen), Middle Wallop, Hampshire and 677 Squadron that has detachments in Bury St Edmunds, Swaffham and Norwich.
  • The AAC Watchkeepers Pool is a National TA unit administered by 6 Regt AAC consisting of posts from Sgt-Maj.

Phase 2 Training

The only trade available to TA soldiers in the Army Air Corps is Groundcrewman. AAC Groundcrew soldiers are responsible for supporting Apache and Lynx helicopters. This includes preparing aircraft for missions, communicating between command posts and handling supplies, spares and ammunition. On operations, groundcrew are part of the team defending forward base locations. They might also be trained to drive a fuel vehicle or supply vehicle.

To be an AAC groundcrew member, you will need to be able to work as part of a team. You will need to be quick-thinking, motivated, flexible and practical. You will have to work outside in all weather conditions and be physically fit.

Everyone who works with the Territorial AAC learns one or more of the following:

Dismounted close-combat skills

Rearming, refuelling and handling Apache and Lynx helicopters

Command Post Operator

Mission Planning Station Operator

After TA Phase 1 Training, TA AAC join their squadron and begin training in their chosen AAC trade. Initial AAC trade training takes place within recruits own TA Centre or at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk. A two-week training course is also completed at the School of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

Further Courses


Following promotion, it is possible to become the leader of a small team responsible for an arming point, or take on an important role in the Command Post.