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The Snip

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[n.] A slang term for a vasectomy.

The snip involves taking your Lamb Cannon/Beef Bazooka and converting it to fire only blanks. This conversion is done fairly quickly by an armourer and removes the necessity of using complex and expensive devices to prevent complications when deployed on ops.

Method: The ammunition panniers are left in place but the feed mechanism is disconnected from the barrel. This means that in case of being recalled to active service, capability can be restored by a skilled private armourer.

In the past (when the lamb cannon was first deployed), the deactivation process was much more extensive requiring the ammunition panniers to be completely removed. This process was not reversible but did convey choir membership as the soprano.

Somtimes referred to as the blunt spade treatment.

Note: It is possible to fit a temporary blank firing adapter to your weapon but this will affect range, accuracy and they do have a 5-10% failure rate which might make you unpopular with whoever you shot.

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