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The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry

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The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (RMLY) is a Territorial Army regiment whose history dates back to 1794 when volunteer cavalry troops were raised to assist in times of invasion and civil unrest. The RMLY was formed in 1992 by an amalgamation of the Queen's Own Mercian Yeomanry and the Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry. In 1999 the Squadrons were reorganised following the addition of C (Cheshire Yeomanry) Squadron who joined from the Queen's Own Yeomanry. The Regiment currently consists of the following sub-units:

  • Regimental Headquarters in Telford.
  • A Squadron (Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry).
  • B Squadron (Shropshire Yeomanry) based in Telford.
  • C Squadron (Cheshire Yeomanry) in Chester.
  • D Squadron (Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry) based in Wigan.

The Present

The RMLY's mission is to provide Challenger 2 (CR2) War Establishment Reserves (WER) to the Regular Army. To fulfil this commitment the RMLY soldiers train as CR2 loaders and gunners. To date the Regiment has had over 50 soldiers mobilised for operations in Iraq in support of regular armoured regiments. In addition, the RMLY has a 2 troop and Squadron Headquarters commitment to the West Midlands Civil Contingency Reaction Force (CCRF). Both A and B Squadrons have provided a troop to this. The role of the CCRF is to assist the civil authorities in times of local or national emergency.

The Future

The future will see the RMLY continue to support operations in Iraq and other theatres where there is a requirement for the Regiment's personnel. The training of our soldiers as CR2 crewmen is as a result, a constant focus. The commitment to the West Midland CCRF will remain indefinitely with training for this held throughout the year.