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The Queen's Cannabis Smokers

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Members of The QCS are without a doubt some of the bravest men in the RAF today.

In 1993 shortly after the formation of the Queens Ganja Rifles the RAF, not to be outdone, founded The Queen's Cannabis Smokers, a unit with a similar function to the QGR but which is a good deal more glamourous!

The selection process is brutal, and prospective applicants must possess lungs of iron, as well as a head for heights and the ability to withstand massive g-forces.

The QCS is most often deployed in support of The Red Arrows. Members of the QCS are strapped to the fuselage of their Hawk jets during aerobatic displays, and must puff on their bongs when given the signal by the pilot.

Members of the unit can often be distinguished by their vomit-stained growbags, and unsteady gait.

AirbusRedArrowsFarnborough2.jpg The QCS in action.

The Future

The QCS Squadron(Including the FAA Detachment) will be issued with the 'Joint Strike Fighter' by next decade.