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The Knights Of Righteousness

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KtOR Coat of Arms

The Knights of Righteousness are a group of influential business people representing the modern form of the organisation originally formed under a Royal Warrant from Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor (Charlemagne) and thus could be argued to be the oldest established chivalric order in the world. Some historians dispute this as the Order is currently not under Warrant to any extant Royal line and therefore cannot be classed as chivalric, secondly, the Order has admitted members of the Jewish faith and cannot strictly be classed as Christian; a generally accepted requirement for chivalric recognition.

Fundamentally Teutonic in organisation and tradition, the Knights of Righteousness have around 500 members in the United Kingdom and a global membership believed to exceed 7,000. Members are elected by a local Chapter and are selected from like minded individuals of sufficient social, academic or business standing with a military background in the armed forces of any Nation that maintained a ruling Monarch on 2nd April 1742, the 1,000th anniversary of the birth of Charlemagne, their founder. Whilst many members are former officers this is not a requirement.

The Holy Vehm Courts and BAOR

The links with the current British Army are rumoured to stem from their close affiliation with The Holy Vehm Courts, officially disbanded in Westphalia in 1811. In the aftermath of WW2, the BAOR are believed to have recruited locals of good Christian standing in order to assist with justice. This lineage is believed to have survived into the present day, mainly through RMP units however notable upstanding members of other capbadges have been known to be recruited.


The Holy Vehm


Former members of the Knights of Righteousness include Les Dawson, Lord Kitchener, Viscount Montgomery, Gavin Pintleberry, Jimi Hendrix and Christopher Lee