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The Daily Mirror/Faked Photographs

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Once upon a time, there was some unpleasantness in the Sandpit. Some people went to jail - well, a Corporal was found who put his hand up for it. The rest of the chain of command got away with it.

Anyway, the pictures that lead to the successful conviction of this criminal were first shown in The Scum tabloid. In order to keep up, The Daily Mirror, led by the remarkably stupid Piers 'Moron' Morgan decided we needed more. And aired some more - highly shocking - photos of abuse.

This would have been truly awful if it weren't for one salient fact: they were fakes.

ARRSE led the way in destroying the authenticity of the photos, which are reproduced here with a snapshot of what we thought at the time. This analysis was then copied almost verbatim by a number of reputable media outlets.

The Photos

Photo 1

Photo One

1. The stream of urine does not look authentic.
2. The webbing belt would be done up, not undone as shown. If this was a Soldier in action all his kit would fall out as soon as he jumped out of a truck.

Photo 2

Photo Two

1. The rifle is shiny, and does not look like it has seen action at all. It appears to be an L85A1, which was not issued to soldiers in Iraq.
2. Army sources claim this is the interior of a Bedford truck which is not being used in southern Iraq.
3. The Prisoner is remarkably clean and sweat-free for someone who has been through an eight-hour ordeal.
4. The barrel is uncovered. Soldiers in Iraq use standard issue covers or Condoms to keep sand and dirt out of the weapon.

Photo 3

Photo Three

1. The magazine looks brand new. It appears to have no two-digit butt number on its base.
2. This Soldier's slim arms look more like those of an office worker than of an Infantryman and his hands look too soft.
3. The floppy hat would not be worn in the field; he would wear a beret or a helmet.

Photo 4

Photo Four

1. The trousers would not be tucked into the boots. They would be outside and have an elasticated bottom.
2. British Army boots should be straight-laced.
3. The T-shirt is very clean for a Prisoner who has been beaten and kicked for hours.

Photo 5

Photo Five

1. There is no movement in this picture and the others shown.
2. The Soldier's uniform seems remarkably clean.
3. The Prisoner makes no effort to protect himself by curling in a ball or turning away.

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