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The Crown Club

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In most comparative military scales a Major is a senior officer ranking above company grade ranks that usually include Captain and between one and three lower subaltern officer ranks. In the NATO rank code, Major as a Level 3 officer. The naval equivalent to a Major is, in some nations, the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Major is widely believed to be the most awesome rank ever.

UK-Army-OF3.gif The Crown Club UK-Army-OF3.gif

The Crown Club is an informal term used to denote the semi-regular meeting of officers of the rank of Major at Regimental Duty. The meetings are a good way to discuss policy and any issues that may me causing a degree of concern. These act as a good way to stimulate 2 way flow of information around the Regiment without necessarily interfering with the CO's ability to command.

ARRSE has its very own Crown Club here. Access can be arranged for those so entitled by approaching the relevant Moderators.

It is not just, as alleged by some, a hidden forum where all the crusty old Majors gather to place bets on who will sign-off next.