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The Boathouse

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A building of mythical proportions and varying decor - that may, or may not even exist. It is the benchmark question for Waltfinding: 'What colour is the Boathouse at Hereford?' [This must be pronounced Hearford]. Buggered if I know - but it's nowhere near H that's for certain!

Furthermore, no one other than 'them' actually know what goes on in the Boathouse. On the odd occasion a walt has correctly guessed the colour of the establishment (bergundy with white architrave) and the questioner (usually one of 'them') proceeds to ask the function of the building - which catches them out every time.

However, journalists from both The Sun and the Daily Mail (both very reputable sources) have confirmed that the Boathouse is used for knitting socks, grooming one's moustache and giving Beatrice, the barracks 'bike', one up the hoop. 'Sources' also say it is a place for 'they's to exchange book ideas and come up with death counts for numerous past ops. Since the move to Credenhill, 'them' ruperts decided to set up an internet room within the Boathouse for members of 'them' to surf the many websites and disclose to the public that they are in fact one of 'them'.

It's the 'catch all' question that has caught many bluffers out. Images of the Boathouse are rare and one is a very lucky bunny indeed to have visited this iconic building. However, now is your chance to own a limited edition print of the Boathouse, titled The Boathouse at Talybont Reservoir by respected military artist Terence Cuneo.

Only three hundred prints have been produced - each signed by Fiji Bob Bobalobalob, Cyril Clunge and Johnny 'Three Bollocks' McKenzie. Will look great in either home or office and will undoubtedly have tongues wagging in no time at all as the print even gives away the very location of this legendary structure and, more importantly, its colour.

Available from the PRI Shop at Maiwand Barracks for £55.00 p+p. Hurry while stocks last... or get one off eBay. Beware imitations!


Not to be confused with Der Boothaus in Herford - which also may or may not exist.