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Thank You

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2 words and a much under-rated form of reward.

Not often heard in the UK these days where it has died out or other forms of gratitude are in more common usage:

  • In the Office: At appraisal time rather than hearing a heart felt thank you and pay rise/bonus for all your hard work over the year, you are more likely to hear Think yourself lucky you still have a job!
  • On the Street: Once commonly heard when doors were held open for fellow pedestrians, now no longer heard unless preceded with epithet and/or sarcastic tone of voice.
  • In The 'Hood: Has evolved into a form of para-military gratitude i.e. Respect man or I'll slash your throat
  • On the Road: No longer heard/seen at all.

In may parts of the UK, "Thank You" will not be heard due to the high level of foreigners who cant speak english. Not likely to hear many Merci, Danke, Grazie, Obrigado or Gracias's either!