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Territorial VCs

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This issue is a bit blurred as when does a Terrier become a Regular? During WW1, the Territorial Force was pretty much indistinguishable from the Regular Army after the first year of war.

However, assuming that if you started the war in the TF/TA, you're a Terrier, then the most famous is probably Capt Noel Chavasse VC and bar, MC.

He joined the RAMC in 1913 as a surgeon-lieutenant, attached to 10 Bn King's (Liverpool) Regt. aka the Liverpool Scottish.

He received his MC as a Lieutenant, then his two VCs as a Captain for rescuing the wounded from no-man's land, first in the Ypres salient then on the Somme, then back to Ypres in 1917 for the attacks on Passchendale.

He was killed when a shell came through the door of the dug-out he was using as an aid post.

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Other TA/TF VC recipients

Sgt Cyril Edward Gourley VC