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Efficiency Decoration

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Efficiency Decoration


The badge of the decoration consists of an oval oak wreath in silver, tied with gold, and having in the centre the Royal Cypher, surmounted by the crown, both in gold. It is suspended from its ribbon by a silver ring. At the top of the ribbon there is a bar brooch bearing the appropriate inscription: Territorial (1930-68), T&AVR (1968-82) and Territorial (1982-99). Recipients are entitled to use the letters 'TD' or 'ED' after their name. The awards are not named on the reverse, but the actual award date is engraved.


A silver gilt bar with a central cypher is awarded for six year increments subsequent to the decoration's award. The year of the bar's award is engraved on the reverse.


The ribbon is coloured dark green with a yellow stripe running down the centre. Half was coloured blue upon the formation of the T&AVR in 1967/8 and this pattern was retained upon the reversion to the TA in '82. Overseas issues use the old pattern ribbon.

Qualifying Criteria

Twelve years' continuous service in the Territorial Army and its overseas equivalents, with wartime service counting double.

About the award

Introduced in 1930 to replace the Territorial Decoration (TD), the Efficiency Decoration retained most of the qualifying criteria of its predesesor. Unusually, UK recipients continued to utilise the old post-nominal letter 'TD'. Overseas recipients in the auxiliary forces of many Crown Colonies and dominions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa used the letters 'ED'.

The awards became defunct in the UK in 1999 upon the introduction of the VRSM, though it continues to be awarded in Bermuda and New Zealand. The 2011 "Future Reserves 2020" report has already courted controversy by suggesting (p28, para 59) that this award, and it's other single-service compatriots, are re-instated. We'll see.

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