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See, Slim - It Can Be Done...

You've actually given us the bones of a decent article. (I'll have a go at fleshing it out later.) Beats the shyte out of mosta what you've given us in the past. Keep it up. Cheers, Cliff.

First edit is to fix the chronology. Valiant was 1st V-Bomber, therefore article starts with Valiant. 1st of the line deserves not to be dismissed lightly. (The Short Stirling suffered a similar fate in WW II.) Patience - this article will be a good 'un. Cheers, Cliff. (2212hrs, 110707 Darwin time.)

Slim went missing right after he got suspended and I massacred his bone posts. He may still be out there though. Keep watching the Skies! --Rabid Hams 16:30, 11 July 2007 (BST)

What happened, R_H? I know he's a complete knobber, but what did he do to get suspended? In whatever guise he chooses to return, he'll give himself away - his style (if that's the word) is inimitable. Cheers, Cliff. (0105hrs, 130707 Darwin time.)

I and a few others had had enough and lobbied the CO's. They chopped him and he's not returned ... so far. I watch the new posts for his crud but so far everone is either funny, obscene or decently factual so he's not returned ... yet. He had made a mess of the Rum Ration Wiki but no one uses it so no big deal. --Rabid Hams 23:17, 12 July 2007 (BST)

Hang on Norge is looking awfully familiar ... more pointless one line gun porn. Any more of this and I'll be killing him off as well --Rabid Hams 23:21, 12 July 2007 (BST)