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Faux Redirects

Soroban, the technical term for this is aliasing -- Bad CO 16:14, 1 May 2006 (BST)

Many thanks. So the technical term for what I did is faux pas? :-)

Should we have more links to "interesting stuff" in and relating to the Wikipedia Wiki - there must be loads more than just me who wants to dabble around in here and I am finding it quite difficult to sort the good from the bad - and I can't just keep copying your stuff and amending it a wee bit to make it fit.

Nice to see the wiki improving in popularity again though.


Getting worried about you :-)


Just Doodlin', JB - Just Doodlin'.

That's pretty tame - you oughtta see the stuff my missus writes. Cheers, Cliff.

Just wondered if there is a term for people who like to edit the ARRSEpedia a lot. The term Arrsepedophiles sprang to mind but, on second thoughts, perhaps not . . .

Buck Felize came up with a good one ages ago - Arrsepedian - which is a WHOLE lot more acceptable in polite company! :o) --Rabid Hams 23:26, 12 August 2007 (BST)