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Is this really all we have to say about the L7 series? I figured there might be another article hiding somewhere, but I can't find it. I may start one myself if there isn't one already, except that I suck at writing and it may take me several months. Years.

I guess it should at least say that it superseded the wonderful but ancient Vickers, as well as the rather less ancient Bren, following the doctrine of Ze Germans and their MG34/42 standardisation, even if it didn't completely kill off the Bren as intended; that it was a hastily licence built version of the Belgian MAG (which isn't a Mitrailleuse a gaz, as often claimed) after the NATO ammunition fiasco where the Septics didn't like the Taden's .280 because they didn't invent it and the Taden inexplicably couldn't be redesigned to take the 7.62; that it's essentially a Browning Automatic Rifle with an MG42's belt feed and trigger (and, unlike the M60 which tried pulling a similar stunt, actually worked exceedingly well); and that it fired 7.62 rounds, because "kids today" and all that.

But I've never fired one, so I'm utterly unqualified to comment on it beyond its workings on paper. Those who have used it seem to quite like it, though. --Vomit 08:11, 31 July 2009 (UTC)