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I would speculate that the reason the Herald wasn't picked up as a transport instead of the 748 was that HP had been taken off the MoD Xmas card list when they refused to merge into either BAC or HS like every other major UK player. The age of the design (early post-war) may have been a factor also.DeSTABlised 19:57, 11 May 2008 (BST)

Yeah, loads of 'what ifs'. There was nothing wrong with the Herald's design. It was flying with Darts long before the Andover, so the engines weren't a problem. It was probably political why it wasn't considered, as you've stated.

My money, however, would've been on the Rotodyne. Whilst there would have been slight performance drop compared to the Andover, it would still have given the RAF a capability leap that it didn't have until twenty years later with the Chinook.

The Rotodyne was a superb innovation that would have been used more extensively than the Andover had it been taken on-board (and a type half a century ahead of the V22 had the spams taken the 200 they wanted). It would also have made the purchase of the Belvedere pointless. Another disgracefully wasteful and pointless episode in British aviation history. Buck Felize 09:00, 12 May 2008 (BST)

I couldn't agree more; why Fairey didn't just build the thing and tell BEA to buy it or shut up, I'll never know. As you say the yanks were mad keen on it and had placed big orders; I guess the time wasted altering the size to suit BEA's randomly fluctuating demands(how they knew what size they wanted is beyond me; no-one had operated point-to-point services before?) caused the spams to lose patience; another bloody good idea wasted.

Those babys would have given the boys serious air-mobility on Corporate, never mind Herrick or Telic. Given the current reliability rep the V22 has, I'd rather travel by Rotodyne; pig simple mechanically, so cheap to build and easy to maintain. The only downside I'm aware of was the tipjets making peoples' ears bleed, but I've yet to see a silent helicopter.DeSTABlised 21:58, 15 May 2008 (BST)