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I walked into our office the other day and into a heated debate. In order to draw me into said debate I was asked; "Where do you stand on the question of ginger seperation?"

Now I know theat most people display a measure of tolerance towards people of the ginger persuasion, but my colleagues were talking of "seperation from the rest" and, in one extreme case a form of "Ginger aparteid" was put forward as a reasonable idea. True to my roots as a bleeding heart liberal creep I weighed into the debate and explained that I live with a supremely attractive GWA and so I was not in favour of segregation. Silence followed this remark. Followed by a bit more silence which was eventually broken by an engineer explaining to me, quite kindly, that they were talking about biscuits. I tried to regain credibility by explaining that I want my custard creams to taste of custard and not custard with a hint of ginger so segregation was, on reflection, a good idea, but my credibility was in tatters and I was forced to leave.