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There are several aspects of `1960s/70s kit I'd like to discuss -

Why did Para and RM among others issue plain olive 1960s trousers with DPM smocks, apparently for some years after DPM trousers were available?

Probably 'cause they had plenty of stock. As the paras used the Denison, I suppose the idea of issuing DPM trousers didn't 'gel' too well as the patterns would have clashed. The RM had large stocks of OG, as they were still issuing both smocks and kecks to the 'Nods' at CTCRM well in to the 1980s.

And was there a 1966 Pattern trouser? I've never come across one.

Yes there was. Basically a DPM version of the OGs you've mentioned already. Not widely issued, as '68 superseded it soon after.

What were the dates of the various Para smock designs?

The DPM para smock came it to use around '76 and the only major change occurred in (or around) '85 with the addition of the FFD pouch on the back of the left (?) upper arm and bellows pockets.

--Jebuk2 09:48, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

  • All this is well and good, but some pictures would be nice! DarthDoctr 11:47, 27 January 2007 (UTC)

I agree, and as soon as I can find out how to incorporate images, and have taken some reasonable images of kit in my collection, I'll do it. Promise.

Easy. Open Photobucket account. Upload images. Resize them to 'website'. Cut 'n' paste the URL in to the appropriate position in the article. Done. BF

Thanks, BF. Have you got any images to add to this? If so perhaps we should compare notes beforehand. John