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Bring back BB she used to inject wit, humour and sensible conversation into an otherwise purile and childish world- (Aunty Stella. June 2005)

To which I would like to add that the comment was made in such a sarcastic way that Basil Fawlty himself would have been proud.

Read between the lines and you will see that what I actually meant was "She should inject Domestos into her neck"


AS Blondebint on other sites

I am sure this is her on the site - is my proof of this. Just wondering if any of you can double check this. Cheers.

Very likely: that's one of the locations she trawls for recruits for her saddo site.

and now she is threating to take me to the coppers (not that i am bothered like) - reported her to the mods anyway

This sound familiar? To a poster called hillrunner (

The thing is, she sucked up to the previous site editor, so she can say certain things and it bypasses checking. And she referred to me in an email as 'one of her many stalkers' and she 'requires me to remove certain posts!' - silly girl, she doesn't know what she has done! huzzah for BB

Its good to see her still about and still barking. A thread with BB posting was always good for an afternoon or two's entertainment. RH

Reverted changes made by Scaleylog. cp

She's Back

Watch and shoot...


Re-locking the page now. If anyone has anything to add, let me know and I'll unlock it. --Ritch (talk) 10:42, 3 August 2016 (BST)