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Arabic word for student or scholar...of the Koran.

Currently attempting to slot as many NATO squaddies as they can. Fortunately while the Taliban are extremely brave and sometimes tactically cunning ... The British Army has learned a few new tricks since the last time the British Government let Afghan natives take pot shots at Brits (1839-1919).

Have now resorted to packing mongs with C4 (Improvised Explosive Mong) and aiming them at squaddies with the promise of free balloons and ice cream.

To stop the Taliban getting depressed about their poor performance, The MoD arranged for Ross Kemp to be shipped out for them to shoot at. Bizarrely Mr Kemp turned out to be a top bloke after having been openly ridiculed by HM Forces for years due to Ultimate Force. To make up for this, Ant and Dec were sent out to be rocketed so improving everyone's morale.