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There are a number of possible definitions for this word:

  1. (n.) A nice little wander in the hills, Army-style. Right, we'll just tab up the Fan, quickly nip around to Lord Hereford's Knob, lunch up there, and then it's up Snowdon and we'll be back in Crickhowell for tea. For some reason the booties call the exact same thing a yomp.
  2. (n.) A nickname used by undergraduates at Oxford University to refer to their peers at Cambridge University. The collective inferiority complex of Oxford's students is neatly demonstrated by the fact that the 'Tabs' have never bothered to come up with a derogatory nickname for them. It should be noted that Cambridge graduates, despite not having the cunning to think of a colloquial term of abuse for Oxfordians have plenty of time to bum each other ragged and then sell secrets to the Russians.
  3. (n.) Something that squaddies are never permitted in a pub, i.e. a bar tab. Barman, would you be so awfully kind as to run a tab for me please?"..... "Feck off.
  4. (n.) Something else that squaddies (or anyone else for that matter) are never permitted in a pub any more - a fag of the smokable kind. Gizza tab, mate!
  5. (n.) A small leather device used in archery to ensure your fingers don't fall off.

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