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TARDIS stands for: Time and Relative Dimensions In Space.

The TARDIS is Doctor Who's preferred mode of travel. In his TARDIS he can travel both in time and space. One of the most interesting things about it, is that it's internal dimensions are much, much, larger than it's external dimensions (a bit like a fat girl's jeans)

For some reason best known to the creators of the program the Doctor's TARDIS has a couple of small problems:

  • 1. It's cloaking device is defective, so it stands out like the bollocks on a bulldog by appearing to be a Police telephone box no matter where it is. (the TARDIS is pretty old, a bit F'ed up, slightly mod'ed and its circuits got stuck on telephone box during a visit to earth ... also it meant that the BBC didn't have to come up with new appearances every week ... the cheapos!)
  • 2. It's navigational system is kaput, so the good Doctor has absolutely no idea where he's going.
  • 3. No one has ever seen a toilet or a bath/shower in the thing although it does appear to have at least 4 front doors.