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The T62 Soviet main-battle tank is a further development of the T55.

Its 115mm gun was the first smoothbore tank gun in use.

It is considered the world's first second-generation Main Battle Tank and was produced from 1961 to 1975.

Maximum speed:- 28mph. Maximum range:- 280 miles.

The T62 is also armed with a 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun and has a co-axial 7.62mm machine gun on its turret. It also has the capacity to carry 40 additional projectiles of the 115mm main gun.

Urban myths? - Why the T62 was pants

  • The fire extinguisher could be set off by dropping a Molotov Cocktail on the engine decking. The fire retardant powder was fatal to humans so would cause the Tank to empty faster than a Sticky Carpet after the lights come on.
- How do these stupid 'facts' get passed around? The fire extinguisher system on the T62 is a gas type not a powder and if it is (or more likely was) toxic then the primary suspect would be a Methyl Bromide type.
- The T62 has an Ethylene Bromide gas system so the word 'powder' here is wrong. The rest is correct.
  • Apparently due to the low profile and the strange way the drivers compartment was set out, only a left handed dwarf could drive a T62.
- if that were true then there must have been a lot of left handed dwarfs available to the Israelis. It's true that Soviet tanks left a lot to be desired in the human engineering stakes but, contrary to what some people would have you believe, their designers were not stupid. Tanks had to be good enough to do the job they were designed for but no better. To hark back to WWII, it's worth remembering that the side with the big, expensive high quality tanks was the side that lost . . .
- In 1973 a number of Arab drivers of T62's went into shock or were asphyxiated due to lack of proper ventilation and injuries caused by the tiny drivers compartment. Spine and kidney injuries were common. Conceded it was the loader who needed to be left handed to perform best.
  • The autoloader had a tendency to try to load the gunner into the gun breach.
- Oops. More bollocks there. The T62 has no autoloader . . .
- Conceded, It was the T64/T72 which tried to load the gunner.
  • The shell casing ejection system was often misaligned causing crew members to be concussed by flying casings.
- Bruised maybe but concussed? Unlikely . . .
- The commander has a protective shield but the crew are subjected to '... spent brass ricocheting at high speed around the crampt turret interior' ... Weapons and Tactics of the Soviet Army - David Isby. Recipients of blunt force trauma sound better?
  • The turret tends to fill with carbon monoxide during firing of the gun despite a bore evacuator.