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Cheese scoffing, clock making inhabitants of Switzerland, with a penchant for international money laundering. Switzerland is a neutral and non-EU country - which seems like a brilliant bit of policy if you ask me. They pretty much keep themselves to themselves, and do all right out of it thank you very much.

Split in to Cantons, the Swiss speak German, Italian and French - depending on which bit one lives in. Being a land-locked nation, they do not possess a navy, but have a capable air force and army.

The armed forces get to take their kit home at weekends which must make burglars very wary of thieving on saturday or sunday. The Third Reich didn't fancy having a pop at this lot - probably due to the millions of Reichsmark's worth of stolen Jewish assets squirrelled away in Swiss bank accounts - but then again they were mega nails in the 15-16th centuries! Oh well.

On the whole, great for beer, birds and skiing - and cuckoo clocks.