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Survive To Fight

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Time To Die

3rd Shock here I come. AIEEEEEE!

With (maybe) the exception of Bravo Two Zero, one of the finest works of literary fantasy the world has ever witnessed. Survive to Fight was the booklet issued to all soldiers detailing what to do when the bomb drops - or such like.

The cover featured a NBC suited & booted soldier - complete with S6 and SLR - charging, bayonet fixed, towards his inevitable demise at the hands of the 3rd Shock Army.

Frankly if they had just written 'YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE' on the front it would have saved both time and money.

Immediate Action Drill - Nuclear

Sadly the correct drill for actions on when a Nuke gets dropped is omitted so here it is.

  • Lie down some where comfortable.
  • Tuck your head firmly between your legs.
  • Kiss your arse good bye.
  • Die.

Immediate Action Drill - Biological

The 'Biological' aspect has never been adequately explained, as there's nothing really instantaneous about being eaten inside out by the Ebola virus, so its tactical use is negligible. However.

  • Carry on as normal.
  • Collapse six weeks later.
  • Die.

Immediate Action Drill - Chemical

The 'Chemical' bit is more likely. Very nasty and more frightening than the bucket of sunshine option. Not to worry, Survive to Fight covers every aspect of what to do upon hearing GAS GAS GAS or your NAIAD chirruping merrily and how to operate and live in a poisoned environment - right down to the infamous Task 17.

  • Shit yourself - paying no attention to the procedure laid out in Task 17.
  • Mask in 9 (seconds) and realise some cnut has nicked your filter. See above.
  • Wonder why everything is becoming blurred.
  • Cough.
  • Splutter.
  • Fall over.
  • Have an eppy.
  • And.... you've guessed it. Die. (Is there a pattern emerging here?)

CBRN Dress States

0 Respirator Carried 1st set of IPE within unit

1 Respirator Carried IPE carried or immediately available

2 Respirator Carried Suit worn, gloves and boots carried

3 Respirator Carried Suit and boots worn gloves carried

4 Respirator Carried Suit gloves and boots worn

R (Romeo) is used as a suffix to indicate respirator is worn. Jacket Open or Jacket Off can be added to states 2,3 or 4 to aid ventilation/cooling in hot environments.

Task 17

Task 17 is legendary. I suppose this specific drill can also be used for knocking one out under NBC Black; not that I have tried it - or know of anyone else who has been insane or desperate enough to attempt it.


You get the general idea.


This booklet is meant to be kept within the lid of the respirator sack, but as the elastic straps are ideal for stashing State 1 porn, it is quickly discarded.

The best, and by far the snaggiest State 1 grumble is to be found in Greece. You can buy these little A5-sized magazines, that - quite frankly - contain some of the weirdest 'Frankie' known to man.

The best one I have ever seen was full of staunchly hetro anal endeavour... until about the tenth page. On this page was a photo of a somewhat elderly gentleman in sussies and all the gear, shoving a big rubber Black Mamba up his hoop. Odd... very odd indeed, but they fit beautifully into the Survive to Fight stowage.