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Suits NBC

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Suit NBC Mk.1

Introduced in the Middle Ages, early Mk.1 NBC suits were worn by woodcutters and the great cathedral builders of the 15th Century - evidence of which can be seen on the murals at Kings Cross tube station. Manufactured in a curious two-tone splinter material, the Suit NBC Mk.1 was an odd affair, coming in three parts: trousers, smock and hood - presumably to ease the manufacturing process of the age. They did, however look ridiculous on the hapless wearer.

Obsolete by the time of the Black Death, they did linger on as training aids until the early 1980s, though most of the hoods had been blagged by THEM before the Gucci kit became available. Without a doubt, the Mk.1's finest hour was during the Iranian Embassy siege, where Fiji Bob 'Three Thermos Flasks' had his hood badly singed on the flaming balcony.

Suit NBC Mk.2

The Mk.2 suit was introduced sometime in the late 1960s and was a slight improvement over the earlier design. Made from the same pattern, the only difference was an integral hood - which made the wearer look slightly less of a peasant than its predecessor.

Suit NBC Mk.3/3a

The late 1970s saw the introduction of the Mk.3 suit. This version was made in a snappier style that mirrored the era. Constructed from an odd-coloured plain green fabric, the smock had a centrally placed chest pocket which was ideal for fags and associated ephemera. In the late 1980s a Mk.3a variant was trialled in DPM. These were 'well ally' and you were a lucky boy if you could get your sweaties on one. The 3a was the lead in to the next version.

Suit NBC Mk.4

The Mk.4. This was (and indeed still is) the ultimate attire for getting gassed in. Available in a range of contemporary DPM colours, this ensemble is unmatched anywhere... IN THE WORLD!

Suits NBC are affectionately known as Noddy Suits or Goon Suits to the unfortunate inhabitants of this designer clothing range made entirely of carbon paper.