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Suit Crisp Packet

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Two-piece (Jacket & Trousers) DPM waterproof suit issued in the days before Gore-Tex. There were two distinct patterns: Suit - Noisy, and Suit - Hot & Noisy. The first had taped seams, press stud fastening and was of a brightly coloured DPM material; the second was fully rubberised and more subdued with more sensible velcro fastenings. Anyone with any sense managed to blag the far superior (and only slightly less noisy) Suit - Foul Weather RAF. Thankfully obsolete, though I still wear my MkII jacket for dogging.

Due to the amazingly loud rustling noises generated by these garments, it was well nigh impossible (at least for some people) to keep in step while marching. As such, a platoon wearing these could reduce any drill instructor to tears within minutes.

Still issue when raining for some Army Cadet units..