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Su-27 Flanker

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Sukhoi Flanker
Type Multi-Role Fighter
Manufacturer Sukhoi - USSR
Introduction May 1984
Status In service
Mumber built Unknown
Crew 1
  • Dimensions
    • Length:- 21.94m
    • Wingspan:- 14.70m
    • Height:- 5.93m
    • MTOW:- 72,700lbs
  • Performance
    • Max Speed:- 1,550mph
    • Max Range:- 3,680km
    • Service Ceiling:- 59,090ft
    • Climb Rate:- 60,040ft/min
  • Armament
  • Mission-Specific Ordanace Can Include:-
    • 10 x AA-8 Aphid air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-27R air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-27Ts IR Guided air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-27ERs semi-active radar air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-27ETs IR-guided air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-73s air-to-air missiles
    • 10 x R-60s air-to-air missiles
    • 6 x AA-10C Alamo air-to-air missiles

The Su-27 "Flanker" series of aircraft is regarded by most airplane aficionados as the ultimate in Russian fighter design. The Su-27 first appeared in the middle of the 1980's, completely taking NATO and American warplanners by surprise, prompting them to start developing their next generation of super aircraft. The Su-27 was billed as an ultimate bomber escort but also a fighter and interceptor that could more that hold its own.