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M1126 Stryker
Function 8x8 Infantry Carrier Vehicle
Crew 2+9
Length 6.95m
Weight 16.700t
Height 2.6m
Max Speed 100kph
Power 350bhp
Range 500km
Armament 1 x 7.62 mm MG
1 x 12.7mm AA MG
Additional Armament (Mission Spec) 1 x 12.7mm MG
1 x 40mm Mk19 GL

Stryker units seem to be especially effective in urban areas, where vehicles can establish initial security positions near a building and dismount squads on a doorstep.

Brigades equipped with the Stryker are intended to be strategically mobile (i.e. capable of being rapidly deployed over long distances). As such the Stryker was intentionally designed with a lower level of protection compared to tracked vehicles like the M2 Bradley, but with much lower logistic requirements.