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Sticky Carpet

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Most cities have one or more sticky carpet pub/clubs. Some are just run down dives but others take this stickiness to whole new levels.

Take the good community of Grantham:

The Sticky Carpet is the name of a club of which most of Grantham's hideous slappers happen to congregate for the weekends hostilities. The name has been borne by more than one club, initially thought to have derived from the pub the "Tudor Rose" which was renamed as "Bananas". The present title of the Sticky Carpet is held by "Chicago Rock". Disturbingly most of the Specialist RLC TA can be found here at the weekend as opposed the barracks. It now appears Chicago Rock has now been disbanded under FAS, can anyone identify Grantham's newest Sticky Carpet?

Yes!! The current culprit has to be The Royal Oak. Located in the main square right near the cab rank and Kebab/pizza place. The current location of all ten-to-two bunk ups.

It should be noted that renowned experts claim that Cheeks in Aldertraz had developed the stickiest carpets in NATO prior to the discovery of Grantham.

The 'Original' Sticky Carpet in Grantham was called the 'Pheonix Club' , probably because it had been set on fire prior to this re-naming. It was just round the corner from the White Lion pub, if my memory serves me correct. I was part of the team of PSI's who moved from the RCT TA TRG Centre in Bedford, took over the camp and was there when it was re-named PWOG. Before that it was R.A.F. 'Spittlegate'.