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Steve Wright

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In fact this Twat is a cunt of the highest order... his cuntyness knows no bounds... he is more cunty than the cuntiest thing in a room full of cunty things


The Chirpy DJ Fiction

One of the first to be put up against the wall when the time comes.

A chipmunk lookalike DEEJAY that hosts the big show on Radio 2, he seems to have forgotten that the reason it is called the big show is because it is three hours long and bears no relationship to the size of his head or his feckin ego.

This chisel faced tool and his imbecile fucking posse of acolytes present three hours of turgid shite 5 days a week. Mainly consisting of:

  • His opinions.
  • The opinions the only two people in the world who are more gormless and ignorant than he is.
  • The sycophantic and surely fictitious e-mails ('Hi Steve, love the show...')
  • His crap impersonations and stupid voices.
  • His failed attempts to persuade the world that he is a comedian.
  • Special guests who are mainly drawn from the The List of British Comedians Who Aren't Funny But Nobody Dares Say Anything.
  • His corny mispronunciations - (eg. "leg-end" for legend).
  • His patronising habit and telling you the correct pronunciation of a word by telling you what it rhymes with. ( eg Duff.. rhymes with Muff).
The Fat Pie Eating Cunt in Reality

All this and more delivered in his finest mockney tones.

Intersperse this mind numbing and indeed painful dribble with shite music most of the time and you wonder why he gets any listeners other than the clinically insane and the deaf. When he does play a decent track, the cnut talks or sings over it.

Almost forgot... instead of playing the odd jingle during the show, this twat plays half a feckin symphoney FFS particularly at the end of the show complete with trumpets in a fanfare... TAAAADAAAA


A true Oxygen Thief... How the fuck did he ever get a job on the radio?

Even his fellow DJs rip the piss by commenting on 'SWs to you' when a listener compliments their show. Sir Terrence of Wogan memorably commented that Steve Wright often has superb guests from around the word then talks about himself to them.

Remember:….. Wright.. rhymes with… Shite