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If you haven't done anything then you have nothing to fear.

State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic. German Acronym for Staatssicherheitsdienst.

Stasi role was maintenance of Internal Security in the GDR, as opposed to HvA - Hauptverwaltung Aufklaerung, the military intelligence service, which was responsible for external intelligence gathering. The relationship was more or less identical to that which existed between the KGB and the GRU, with many overlaps.

The more that becomes known about these feckers the scarier they become. Looks like they had about 50% of the population of East Germany including the priesthood spying on the other half. Its a miracle the wall came down at all.

The Stasi also banned western pornography and those daring to import it, therefore forcing East Germans to make their own.

Closer to Home

zaNU-Labour appear in recent years to have taken the Stasi model, applied a hi-tech edge and rolled it out as Home Office policy. Most people refer back to George Orwell's seminal police state novel 1984 but frankly Orwell didnt even dream of half the shit we already have sicced on our over-monitored assess.

ID cards, biometrics, DNA, barcoding, chip implants, huge databases on the population and branding (Property of G Brown) all seem to be on the cards. CCTV cameras monitor our every move. Average speed cams on motorways track our vehicular movements and there are plans to chip our cars so satellites can track our movements off motorways. Our credit card transactions are monitored as are our bank accounts. There are plans to keep records of our phonecalls, emails, texts and even internet browsing. And then Jacqui ' Obergruppenfurher' Smith denies that we have a police state. What a lying cow!

Bizarrely, none of this shoite seems to make us any safer from crime or terrorism and seems to make us more likely to be slotted by panicky police marksmen ... which makes you wonder why they are doing it unless its to ensure we never rise up and hang the barstewards like they deserve.

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