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Date Joined 02-Jun-07
Posts 320-350
Location On the ground - at the minute.
Grin.png This user is addicted to Chat


Squids - Bisexual... Good British Lad. 23 yrs old, 5'9 tall, Dark blonde hair, blue eyes, fat muscular body, large uncut. Friendly, discreet and fat. please don't hesitate to give me a call. Everyone is welcome, all I ask for is cleanliness and respect. Looks and age are not important.

I like long walks on the beach and horse riding. I love animals; little kittens are the cutest and I love holding them while I'm naked.

My Perfect Man:

Tall and dark with big arms so he can hold me in the night. Black men are the best, but I dont mind a white guy either.

Squid's Top Quotes:

When suggest he rapes sheep, he replies with: “I don’t rape them, they come willingly”

When talking about the ARRSE site working or not working he replied:

“Arse is fine for me”

When confronted by this profile:


Love is in the air

In the long history of arrse there have been many wonderful romances. People who would never have met if it were not for this site.

Some have succeeded, some haven't but there hasn't been a love in the history of the world that can rival Squiddly.

The callsign known as Squiddly is a 23 year old male who until recently wandered into the chatroom, usually quite late in the evening and usually claiming to want any woman available to satisfy his lustful urges. It soon became evident however that his urges were far more sinister than that. After many months of apparent heterosexual banter our young hero began taking interest in another of the chat regulars. Poor Jarrod wasn't looking for love, a shy man who keeps to himself most of the time and generally keeps out of some of the more vulgar topics discussed preferring instead to talk of philosophy and politics. It came as a shock to him then, when he was targeted by Squiddly as a potential mate for some courtly manlove. What started as a little subtle innuendo rapidly degraded into blatant sexual harrassment. Poor Jarrod would barely be in chat for more than a few minutes before Squid would be following right after him to pound him with lewd comments and suggestions.

It came to a head recently when the beleaguered Jarrod finally broke down under the constant abuse thrown at him. Squiddly had to rapidly backtrack and make claims of never being a pest to Jarrod, in fact, he went on to claim that it was he himself who was being pested all along. He made a statement in chat that very night:

Squiddly] 9:09 pm: sexy sex

[mac_uk] 9:10 pm: see what happens J? Trans comes in so squidders feels all threatened for your loving so he starts talking dirty to you

[Trans-sane] 9:12 pm: Just read your last mac. Genius!

[Squiddly] 9:13 pm: it is not [Squiddly] 9:14 pm: i have never had, do not have, and will not have, any relationship with jarrod, sexual or otherwise. i have never met the bloke, i don't not come in here specifically to find him, i'm nice and polite to him as i am to everyone but that's about the sum of interaction between Jarrod and I. I don't have a problem with us being on speaking terms, but i am just about fcuking fed up to the back teeth of all this jarrod and squiddly shite because it's not going to happen, not now, or ever, so go

[Gren] 9:15 pm: but you like a bit of c***. tho?

[Sparky2339] 9:15 pm: Squiddly??? which nerve did they tweak????

[Squiddly] 9:15 pm: and fcuk around with someone else. and yes, i expect to get it even worse now, but i thought i'd make my position clear, as while most of you seem to be normal sensible people in general, wherever jarrod's concerned you instantly seem to lsoe your common sense and long term memories.

Squiddly takes a breath

[Gren] 9:15 pm: so is that a no then squid? or are you open to a bit of jar?

[Sparky2339] 9:16 pm: Squiddly change yer name to salmon - you bit!!! Beware Jarrod...

[Gren] 9:16 pm: you sure?

[Squiddly] 9:16 pm: #$%^&* right i bit

[Trans-sane] 9:16 pm: Squid. I'm just glad it is YOU getting the shite instead of me

[Gren] 9:16 pm: its no shame to admit it

[Squiddly] 9:16 pm: they've been fcuking fishing for weeks

[mac_uk] 9:16 pm: denial is a terrible thing squidders

[Squiddly] 9:17 pm: that might be how they do things in saidi arabia , but i fancy the whole "innocent" part of not having a criminal record.

[jarrod248] 9:17 pm: Just back from walking Dog did I miss anything?

[Squiddly] 9:17 pm: saudi*

[Gren] 9:17 pm: so squid, for the record, you dont some man love?

[Squiddly] 9:17 pm: not really jarrod [Squiddly] 9:17 pm: no i don't want man love gren. [Squiddly] 9:17 pm: thanks for offering

[Sparky2339] 9:17 pm: Jaddz248 ye'v been dumped (apparently)

[Gren] 9:17 pm: not even a bit of a hug?

[jarrod248] 9:17 pm: Wh osaid Man love?

[Squiddly] 9:17 pm: no gren not even a bit of a hug

[pomps] 9:18 pm: who is doing who, rimming who or just bashing the b range gates in???

[Gren] 9:18 pm: shush jar im pairing you up

[Squiddly] 9:18 pm: if i wanted man love i'd join the navy not the fecking army

[Gren] 9:18 pm: what about a bit of tongue?

[mac_uk] 9:18 pm: squids is pretending to be straight pomps, and failing

[Sparky2339] 9:18 pm: Jaddz248 - the laddie is backed into the corner of his room wi his wifi laptop...

[pomps] 9:18 pm: does toung constitute rimming????

We can only hope that after this statement Squiddly will refrain from harassing innocent members of the site.

Medically speaking

Squiddly also has an obsession with allowing members of the medical profession experiment on him, supposedly for the purpose of diagnosing 'illnesses'. How he seems to think you can detect tonsillitis by shoving two unlubed fingers up his ricker is quite beyond me though. Maybe he just enjoys the feeling