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Somebody with an obsessive interest in any subject. Normally an insult.

Come in all varieties from the mildly weird to the truly sad. Normally male (women tend to just get OCD), always strange.

Historically may have first appeared as the Trainspotter but you get all sorts of them, even in the military.

  • Military vehicle spotters - can recognise the difference between a Bundeswehr and a Canuck Leopard II by the silhouette.
  • Airplane spotters - sad gits found hanging around outside civ and mil airport fences, or occassionally in Greek jails. A mild form appears on various Arrse threads: winged master race, guns & walts.
  • Car spotters - want to know what the average bhp of an E-series Jag was after its third service? Ask him.
  • Regulations spotters (doesn't apply to the ACG(SPS) whose job it is) - a variety of Barrack Room Lawyer. Knows Queens Regs and AGAI off by heart (normally several key revisions behind the times.) Will happily argue with the RSM that he has a right to park his car on the parade square because of some 200 year old rule about duty messengers' horses. Sometimes fun to watch - from a safe distance.

The list is, unfortunately, endless.

Be warned - young ones may morph into walts when they grow up.

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