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So which end do you fancy?

(v.). The process by which two male soldiers re-enact scenes from their favourite jazz films and magazines.

The normal procedure is to find a fat, ugly and desperate girl prepared to go back to the block and there be shagged roughly from behind by one Soldier whilst simultaneously fellating the other. Never as much fun as it looks. The only exception to the 'fat, ugly, desperate girl' rule occurs at RMAS and in the University Officer Training Corps where, paradoxically, stupefyingly good-looking female OCdts are prepared to give their all to various permutations of male Colour Sergeants and Warrant Officers against a promise of future good grades

Many argue that there is something intrinsically, well, gay, about participating in a Spit Roast, as you must have the ability to maintain wood while looking at your Oppo's Cum-Face. If you can keep Wood when your Oppo withdraws and shoots it all over her face, then IMHO you are well on your way to owning an antique shop in Brighton. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course......

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