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Spin Doctor

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Just go ahead now!

An individual responsible for the production and dissemination of state-sanctioned lies, untruths and bullshit. Very little is un-spinnable, and that which cannot be spun can be buried beneath spun news. These are the cnuts responsible for the total lack of trust between the electorate and the establishment, and the blurring of the line between reality and fantasy.

Spin is a media technique that has been feverishly adopted by the political elite and has not only flourished during the tenure of the New Labour monster, but has been elevated to high art - chiefly by two of its most able exponents: Alastair Campbell and Hazel Blears.

A half-decent spinner will make even the most grave news seem like a government success story - either that or bury it completely amongst other news items and press releases that extol the brilliance of the current PM. Labour even had every intention of burying bad news in the aftermath of 9/11 which shows just how cold blooded and cynical these cnuts are.

Gordon Brown's arrival as PM was heralded as the end of spin. From now on there would be TRUTH. That lasted about 4 months and as soon as things got sticky ... those things started to spin. Gordon now hires a new spin doctor roughly every two weeks. He has 2 full teams at No. 10 who mostly try to make the other team look stupid but are costing the taxpayer millions ... all so we can be lied to.

You really couldn't make this up. But, unfortunately, someone has, and they're doing very nicely out of it thank you very much.

They have also released a few albums and singles, perhaps their biggest hit to date is "Two Princes"; a song about William and Harry during training at RMAS.